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Virtualdubmod sorti!!!
« le: 10 09 2005, 19:07:57 »
Je vous informe de la sortie sur le site officiel sourceforge de virtualdubmod, de la version de ce merveileux mod de Virtualdub.

Changelog de cette nouvelle version (corrections d'un max de bugs trouvés depuis le dernier update):

- Fixed: inserted frame range and imported frameset end position was
 not correct in Avisynth Script editor.
- Fixed: too small string buffer to show Avisynth Information messagebox.
- Updated: added new Avisynth v2.5.5 and v2.5.6 keywords to highlight list.

- Fixed: ( an input file containing audio would remain opened even
 after "Clode video file" (thus preventing from deleting the file).
- Fixed: ( crash when starting capture.
- Fixed: ( ticks in the trackbar. Now have the same behaviour than
 VirtualDub (when in "Frames" mode).
- Fixed: ( not enough space was reserved for the KaxSeekHead at the
 beginning of Matroska files. Added warnings (logs) when this happen.
- Fixed: duplicated references when writting 2 KaxSeekHead in Matroska files.
- Fixed: ( logs shown 2 times when saving a Matroska file.
- Fixed: issues when decompressing AC3 ( or audio using ACM.
- Fixed: issue with the input audio filter (graph) that would stuck the dubbing.
- Fixed: ( problem with empty selection when doing a Refresh.
- Merged latest version of VirtualDub Sync by Andreas Dittrich (1.5.4, Sync 1.04)
- Fixed: livelock that could appear in some specific cases (the program encountered
 a problem and is aborting the dubbing, but a livelock prevent it to properly end
 the dubbing as well as showing you the error causing the problem).
- Fixed: issue when processing the very beginning of some AVI with MP3 VBR (this
 problem would cause the previously fixed livelock).
- Added: 'Delete' key deletes entries in the stream, comment & chapter lists.
- Fixed: bug preventing some Matroska files from correctly being opened.
- Fixed: bug preventing files made with latest mkvmerge to be opened.
- Fixed: (Matroska) bug preventing processing of Matroska files (generally
 resulting in a dubbing process stuck at the very beginning).
- Fixed: (stupid) bug concerning 'corrupted' data handling in DTS files.
- Fixed: ( speed issue concerning dubbing thread priorities, and VBR
 audio as input (e.g. VBR MP3 in AVI or as external source).
- Fixed: bug that could crash the program when using the Asus ASV2 codec.
 Thanks to Michael Koester for the patch.
- Fixed: bug preventing to delete a file used as external audio source even after
 having removed it from the stream list (VDM would still keep the file opened).
- Fixed: bug cutting audio too early (33% or 50% of the stream) when muxing VBR
 Mpeg Audio other than Mpeg1-Layer3 or Mpeg-Layer2.
- Updated: fccHandler's MPEG2 support to latest version (1.5.10, 2004-03-04).
- Now read and write the new tags for Matroska files.
- Fixed: bug preventing 'clean' finalization of subtitle streams in OGM files.
- Fixed: (1.5.4) deadlock when muxing many audio/text streams in OGM/MKV files.
- Read and write aspect ratio info in AVI files.
- Fixed: take into account default OGM packets duration.
- Fixed: misbehaviour (duplicating software/title tags) for video tracks when
 editing MKV files.
- Fixed: misbehaviour when processing corrupted Ogg/OGM files.
- Fixed: some subtitle out-of-sync issues when muxing some subtitles sources.
- Fixed: some random livelocks on audio muxing (due to race conditions).
 Thanks to Michael Keeley for the patch.
- Fixed: possible issue with Symantec Corporate AntiVirus 10
 Thanks to vladlp :
- Updated Matroska libs to libeml 0.7.5 and libmatroska 0.7.7
 Added warning on first startup since Matroska support is rather outdated :P
- Fixed (?): sometimes after loading avisynth at startup the VirtualDub exception
 handler (crash dialog) wasn't used anymore

La traduction francaise sera surement assuré par son traducteur habituel. ;)

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Re : Virtualdubmod sorti!!!
« Réponse #1 le: 11 09 2005, 10:05:26 »
j'aime beaucoup le forum,les boutons sont de toi ?
En tout cas y a pas mal de fct directement accessibles comme "notifier" etc... c'est coool.
Et pour virtualdubmod,c'est super :D ( surout vu l'utilisation que j'en fais :s )

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Re : Virtualdubmod sorti!!!
« Réponse #2 le: 11 09 2005, 10:41:23 »
Salut teto.

Oui, les boutons sont de moi (la traduction francaise tout du moins).

Et pour le forum, ravi de te faire découvrir smf (simplemachines forum), le meilleur forum actuel pour moi! (et gratos!)
(pas 10000 mods à faire pour avoir ses fonctionnalités de bases, et si moddage, système hyper simple: packages)

Les différentes fonctions sont en accès configurable en admin, selon les rangs par ex, ou par user, enfin comme on veut...
Les teams sur mon forum ont plus d'accès que les users normaux... ;)